Displaced and Denied - Ahmed Alshkhly

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In 2006, Nawaf, his wife Ghaida, and their two sons Ayhem and Maysem fled their home in Sinjar and moved to Sulaimaniyah.  As Yezidis they were targets in the ethnic violence sweeping the country.  Nawaf works as a guard at a tile factory while Ghaida runs a small convenience store out of their house which supports their growing family.  Since moving to Sulaimaniyah they've had two more sons, Adam and Oran.  Without daughters, Ghaida has taught her sons to help her around the house.  Nawaf takes painkillers for his back pain and Ghaida suffers from severe pain in her feet because she spends all day standing.<br />
I was lucky while working on this story to be present when Ghaida's family came to Sulaimaniyah for medical treatment. This was their first visit from Sinjar.  The house was full of joy and happiness, but it was quickly replaced by sadness when they left.