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29/07/15, Zakho, Iraq -- <br />
Nasira, 18 years-old, illiterate.  <br />
From Kojo, Sinjar area. <br />
Date of capture: 15/08/2014<br />
Length of captivity: 11 months<br />
<br />
When ISIS arrived they tried to convert us to Islam. We all just cried, even my father. They brought us all to a school, took all our money and possessions. We heard that they killed four trucks full of men from our village. When we heard the planes flying overhead I prayed they would bomb our men. It would have been better than being killed by ISIS. I also wished they drop bombs on us. I’d preferred to be killed by shelling than be captured by ISIS. <br />
<br />
I was not sold but they brought me to Raqqa in Syria and gave me to a Saudi family as a gift, as a slave. I stayed there for eight months. They brought us to the school to teach us the Quran. <br />
I saw the beheaded and crucified body of a YPG fighter [Syrian Kurdish militia fighting ISIS]. It was terrible. <br />
<br />
Identifying details of the girls' accounts have been omitted, their names changed and identifying physical features and designs(such as tattoos) have been deleted in order to ensure their safety.