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528/07/15, Zakho, Iraq -- Delvin, 27 years-old <br />
From Kojo, Sinjar area <br />
Date of capture: 15/08/2014<br />
Length of captivity: 4 months<br />
<br />
They separated the women from the others and brought us to a school where we stayed for two months. Then they moved us to several different places. I don’t know exactly where. At last we arrived to Raqqa, in Syria. After twelve days they sent me to a Syrian family. <br />
<br />
I was pregnant and I had other children with me. They were very cruel to us. Even though I was pregnant they would beat me and try to have sex with me. If I didn't accept to have sex with the men of the family, they would force me anyway. They raped me over and over again. I was sold again, this time to a family from Saudi Arabia. They took one of the boys who was with me to be trained as a jihadi. I never saw him again. I stayed there for a month and a half. I moved again to another city where my baby was born. I was raped there too, despite the fact that I just had given birth. <br />
<br />
Identifying details of the girls' accounts have been omitted, their names changed and identifying physical features and designs(such as tattoos) have been deleted in order to ensure their safety.