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27/07/15, Zakho, Iraq -- <br />
Qaliya, 21 years-old, illiterate <br />
From Talqasab - Sinjar area<br />
Date of Capture_ 03/08/2014 <br />
Length of captivity: 10 months  <br />
<br />
When I was in Mosul I tried to flee by running to Sinjar mountain. I found a small empty house where I sat and waited, but they came looking for me and they found me. A man asked “Why did you flee? Are you afraid that we will kill you?” I replied that I preferred to die. They took me back to my captor’s house where he pushed me inside a room, closed the door and started to whip me. After that he hit me with a cable and then fastened my legs and hung me by the legs to the fan on the ceiling and then started to hit me again. He took me down and told me that my punishment would continue for three days and I would have nothing to eat nor drink. He also told me that if I ran away again he would tie me to two cars and then split me in two. Three days later he let me out of the room.<br />
<br />
Identifying details of the girls' accounts have been omitted, their names changed and identifying physical features and designs(such as tattoos) have been deleted in order to ensure their safety.